Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Antitrust

No industry faces as significant antitrust challenges as the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. As the Policy Director at the FTC, David Balto helped to guide some of the FTC's seminal pharmaceutical enforcement efforts, identifying and helping to litigate major cases, such as the challenges to patent settlement agreements or other alleged antitrust exclusionary conduct. He was an advisor in many of the FTC's pharmaceutical and medical device enforcement actions, including Glaxo/SmithKline, Merck/Medco, Lilly/PCS, and Ciba/Sandoz. David Balto regularly testifies on pharmaceutical competition before Congress and state legislatures.

We advise pharmaceutical manufacturers on wide variety of competition-related issues, including product innovations, distribution arrangements, and patent settlements. Because of our enforcement experience, we pride ourselves in helping our clients to identify potential competitive concerns and avoiding significant antitrust risks.


Recent Federal Antitrust Litigation involving Medical Device Manufacturers: